About Us

The Face of the Business

My name is Diana and I am the founder and operator of Paws N’ Go Pet care.

I’ve grown up with animals my entire life from dogs, cats and hamsters to name a few and have always had such a connection and love for animals. As a grown up, dogs have became a regular part of my everyday life for my family.  One of the great things about dogs  that has always drawn me to them, is that they’re always so happy to experience every new day with. It’s their enthusiasm that inspires me everyday. They are great to work with and the times we’ve spent together has enriched my life greatly.

I live in Whitby with; my husband, two beautiful daughters and my fur baby Willie our mini golden doodle. When Willie came into our lives and as a pet parent I wanted him to live a well balanced life full of fun, happiness and play. Not to mention he had so much energy, I found myself taking him for walks up to three times a day to calm him down.  With some research, I discovered a few dog parks and trails to take him and we began having lengthy walks.  When he got home he couldn’t even keep his eyes open…SUCCESS!!!  After years of personal experience and working with families one on one, I am a firm believer that just like us, our fur babies need plenty of exercise so that they live a happy and balanced life. With jobs, families and life sometimes it not always possible to do this.  Study after study tells us what we already know: you feel overwhelmed by the realities of modern life, constantly bogged down…and stuck in a steady routine of mundane tasks that seem far removed from the reality of what matters.  And this is why I believe the world’s most valuable currency is time.  Once the girls were both in school full days, I  wanted to share my love for dogs, fitness and fun with other pet parents.  Soon after, I joined a Pet Care team of an established dog walking company, where I was able to practice my craft and sharpen my skills. After a while I decided it was time for me to branch out on my own…and Voila Paws N’ Go was born.  My soul purpose for Paws N’ Go is to enrich the lives of your pet with fun, exercise and being in a social environment.  All the while, giving you peace of mind that your furry companion is safe, happy and loved.  When your dog comes into our family he/she becomes one of the family!

Rest assured that Paws N’ Go strives to keep your safety as well as your pets in the highest regard. Paws N’ Go Petcare is Canine CPR Certified and insured.  Police check and references are available at request.


Some of our wonderful friends at Paws N’ Go from the adventure’s of the Pack Walk to Private Walks!

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