Puppy Visit

$20 per visit

Puppy Visits  (20-30 minutes per visit)  $20 per visit or $100 weekly excludes taxes

• 20-30 minute visit daily, up to 18 weeks
• potty breaks (any clean up included in price)
• Walk around block
• feeding
• play time
• basic training


Potty Break

$15 per visit

Potty Breaks (Monday – Friday) $15 per visit or $75 weekly excludes taxes

• 10-15 minute visit
• Treat and water

*Up to 2 dogs, additional $2 3 or more dogs

Private Walk

$20 per visit

Private Walks (30 minutes) $20 per walk or $100 weekly excludes taxes

• Your dog is walked privately for 30 minutes
• Walk around familiar surrounding
• Feeding, watering and clean-up as required
• Treats and tummy rubs

*$10 additional dog

Pack Walk

$20 per visit

Pack Walks (Monday-Friday) – $20 per walk excludes taxes

• 1 hour walk in a trail with friends (expect pup to be gone for 2-3 hours)
• group Socialization
• reinforce commands
• belly rubs are mandatory


*$10 additional dog

About our service

At Paws N’ Go we strive to make everyone safe, comfortable and happy. With small pack walks where everyone can be given attention and a loving environment. Pets are treated as if they are part of my family. Lots of love, cuddles and treats. Your pets will be PAWSITIVELY pleased!

What to expect

Pet Safety

I’m certified in Pet First Aid and have completed a full 10 hour hands-on course through Walks ´N´ Wags, a Canadian leader in comprehensive pet first aid.


We offer free, same day consultations and emergency walking.


We offer competitive rates, packages and easy booking.


We offer complementary consultation to understand your needs and your fur baby’s needs.

Paws N' Go is your convenient and affordable doggy daycare service.