Pack Walk

Pack Walk

Want to give your dog exercise and be in a social environment?  Pack walk are perfect.  Your dog will enjoy active, long, off or on leash walks with a maximum of 5 dogs in a trail with some friends.

Dog understand the pack walk mentality and organize themselves as such, through hierarchy (strongest leads, protects the group and manages social behaviour).  Dogs can learn proper social skills from other dogs which can be facilitated by humans.  They communicate through sound and body language and demonstrate regularly what’s important to them as well.  What’s important to dogs? A lot of the same things that are important to us. They want to feel apart of something bigger such as a social group as well as be respected and loved.

Pack walks entail:

  • Transported to and from, your home to the trail
  • 1 hour walk
  • group Socialization
  • reinforce commands
  • belly rubs are mandatory

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