Tips for choosing a dog walker

It is okay that you are choosy about which dog walking service provider to take care of your beloved pets. After all, this is a treasured part of your family that you are leaving with someone new. You will want to ensure that you get the right dog walker. Follow these tips to know if you are choosing the perfect dog walking professional in your area.

Enquire about the emergency options that your dog walker has. For instance, do they know how to perform First Aid or CPR? If your dog, unfortunately, gets in a situation where they require emergency care, the dog walking firm must have appropriate measures in place to help ensure your dog survives.

Communication is another important factor that differentiates a good dog walking service from an average one. Check whether the dog walker offers detailed daily reports, text messages, social media status updates or emails about the walks and whether there is anything you need brought to your attention or be concerned about. In the reports, they should also note down how your dog is behaving and interacting with other dogs. Communication is very important especially during the puppy visits so everyone is on the same page for the training of the new family member.

Make sure that your dog walker has fees, policies and services clearly outlined. Ask for a contract that also safeguards your dog’s well-being. It must state their services  and what it includes in each service.  For example pack walks, private walks, potty breaks and puppy visits – how long are the services and what does it entail should be clarified on the contract or on the pet care providers website.

Finally, check whether the dog walker is compatible with your dog. Set up a consultation where you can all get used to each other before finally sending the dog for a walk with the new dog walker. This is a good time to evaluate how good the walker is in handling your dog and to check for compatibility.  Most importantly you feel comfortable leaving your furry family member with their new friend!

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